About Me

I have always been a creative person as far back as I can remember. I studied art at Waltham Forest College then moved on to Kent Institute of Art and Design, where I studied Spatial Design. I was also a founder member of Lewisham Art House, which was a residence for Artists, based in Hillifields School.

Over the years I have done a few commission pieces and still have aspirations to do more. I’ve also decided to concentrate on building up a large body of work for future exhibitions. I look upon art as been a part of me, an extension of myself. I can be found most evenings deep in solace in my studio.

I feel it is now time for me to showcase my work to the public. My work involves the use of many materials ranging from broken glass, wood and sash cord, basically anything that i can “recycle”. I try to make my work as imaginative and creative as possible and in doing so have developed my own unique style. Although I like to create abstract forms it can also be contemporary. Being a physical person my work has no limitations in terms of size and time.